QUESTION: Why The Baseline?


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Negotiated A $15k Raise!

Simon J - Data Analyst (Melbourne, Australia)

Quit His Job And Started His Own Business!

Millar M - Life Coach (Melbourne, Australia)

From Mentorship To Internship To Career!

Jason R - Lawyer (BC, Canada)

Better Paying Job And Doing What He Loves!

Spencer S - Comedian (Ottawa, Canada)

No More Procrastination And Feeling "Enough"

Ique L - Graphic Designer (Mozambique, Africa)

Took The Next Step In His Career!

Devin K - (Ontario, Canada)

See What Other Coaches Are Saying About Wade

“I’ve been coaching entrepreneurs for the last decade and what I’ve realized is that even if I give someone exactly what they need to build a successful business, if he doesn’t have a “baseline” of confidence and boldness it’ll never happen...

Wade is one of the best I know at teaching inner game and self development, and every time I talk with him I leave the conversation with my mind blown. If you’re looking to build your confidence and be more successful you can do no better.”

Timothy Marc - CEO and Founder of Timothy Marc

“I was lucky enough to work in person with Wade while living in Chicago, and was just blown away by his in-depth knowledge of marketing and creating successful businesses online...

He’s also a fantastic coach, and one of the people I rely on most when facing any big life decision or am stuck in my own business.”

Till Gross - Founder of Comfort Zone Crusher and TEDx speaker